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NAFA Annual Meeting 2021

The NAFA annual meeting 2021 was held in a hybrid format, some of the attendees reporting directly from the NAFA film festival in Lisbon, whereas others joined online from all across the world via Microsoft teams.

The meeting gave room for further planning of the next year’s NAFA film festivals and the working committees to share their news with all members of the association. Ralph Veraart reported the successful move of the NAFA Film Collections backend to the Norwegian Research and Education Cloud (NREC), which promises a fast, secure, and future-oriented solution, allowing room for the growing collection of films. Anne Chahine, representing the NAFA Network editorial board, shared the successful launching of the new NAFA blog earlier this year, and plans for expanding the content to external contributors.

Morale was high, as there is an overall sense of normalcy seeping back into everyday working conditions, and planning for future endeavours (in person) seems possible again.

From left to right, and top to bottom:  Jan Ketil Simonsen,  Frode Storaas, Peter Ian Crawford, Ildiko Plajas, Orsolya Veraart, Ralph Veraart, Len Kamerling, and Anne Chahine