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Welcome to NAFA Network

NAFA Network is the quarterly newsletter of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA). We’ve been running our newsletters online for the past 12 years, keeping the visual anthropological world connected and informed. The time has come to update our format and become more accessible with our new website.

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TWO 2-3 YEAR POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS: The experience and cultivation of love in religious and contemplative traditions

Postdoctoral Positions At The Department Of Anthropology And The Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus Un…

Call for entries: Ava 2021 Best Visual Ethnographic Material Award

AGENET, AAGE and VANEASA are inviting anthropological works which address the issues surrounding agi…

NAFA, History, and Documentation of the Annual Conferences

A number of people have worked with and for NAFA over the years. My period was in the early 1980s, w…

The NAFA family

One of NAFA`s most important tasks has been to build up an anthropological film collection; for use in teaching and research; a unique collection of classic and more recent ethnographic films, which is matched only by a few of the world’s most important and largest ethnographic film collections.

In 2017, NAFA has launched the Journal of Anthropological Film (JAF), a peer-reviewed journal that publishes films that stand alone as original, empirical contributions based on social anthropological research.

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