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Call for Films: CULTUREELS Ethnographic film festival

CULTUREELS – Ethnographic Film Festival focuses on anthropological and ethnographic documentaries. The aim of the film festival is to promote awareness of anthropological themes to a wider audience through the use of visual art and presentation. On top of showing works by professional filmmakers, the festival also wishes to provide a channel for both graduate and undergraduate students to get their works visible to the wider public. The theme for the 2022 festival is Power & Resistance, which hopes to examine power and resistance on both the societal as well as the individual level.

Filmmakers (both student and professional) are invited to submit films which give the viewers an insight into the manners, world-views and attitudes that exemplify both power and resistance and both clear cut and creative interpretations of the festival theme are welcome.

The application should contain a link to the film, its title, duration and a short description/synopsis. The deadline for submissions is Jan 15th 2022. The films will be chosen in February.

Please submit your work by sharing a link from Dropbox or Google Drive to If you are interested in presenting your film to the festival (or participating in any other capacity) or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the festival team through email at or visit the website.