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Last Call: Vizantrop Fest (June 1st)

The ethnographic film festival Vizantrop in Belgrade is accepting submissions until June 1, 2021.

Submissions are free and open for films with innovative and analytical approach to cultures and societies. Authors can submit their films for any length of time and not older than 4 years for the following categories:

  • Community and Equality (competition program) – films about communities in general; films about the diverse forms of human cultures; films about alternative economies of social groups, political transformations and movements around the world films about engagement of researchers and their teams in helping endangered and marginalized communities overcome problems ; autoethnographic films and all kind of experimental ethnographic forms who are questioning human and their sensorical perception in order to achieve better understanding of humans
  • Intangible cultural heritage (informative program) – films in the domain of intangible cultural heritage that seek to represent and preserve various customs, cultural expressions and practices, as well as their transformations in contemporary times.
  • Ecology and social movements (informative program) – films produced by worldwide ecological activists or filmmakers/social researches who followed people riots and social movements who defended endangering nature. We are seeking for movies or visual essays who are using social intervention as a method by ‘revealing the hidden’ ; making explicit the voices and concerns of people who are usually ‘invisible’ and at risk of threats from state structures and police
  • Student film (competition program) – films produced by students as young authors at their universities; films from visual anthropology workshops all around the globe

 More information about the festival and how to apply on the Vizantrop website.