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CFF: Riga Pasaules Film Festival

The 2021 RPFF edition will focus on works that address cinema’s relationship to the temporal experience. The festival team is looking for works of a broad anthropological persuasion that, through their content and form, consider ways in which imaginaries and practices of time are rendered and generated through cinema. For example, they are interested in works that represent time-based events; that generate their own temporal signatures; and offer a creative take on different temporal perspectives. 

They also wish to review films that develop a perspective on cinematic-time, the experience of time as it is generated through the cinematic medium. Films that, for example, foreground duration, rhythm, and pace.

The 2021 RPFF edition will be the festival’s 8th edition and it is scheduled to be held from the 3rd – 6th June 2021 at Kino Bize in central Riga. The programme will be announced by the 1st April 2021.

Submit your film by January 31, 2021 on the festival’s FilmFreeway.